Ramen Introduction

For over 40 years in Japan, ramen is famous for its broth, which is made by simmering high quality pork bones for at least 12 hours over high heat. This method of cooking releases bone marrow into the broth, giving the broth its milky white appearance and gelatinous characteristics. A variety of toppings such as Chashu pork, soft boiled egg, mushrooms, and more are prepared with care every day.

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About Us


At Hokkaido Ramen, you will enjoy the traditional Japanese ramen with rich flavors of the pork or chichen based broth and various toppings (such as chashu, chicken, beef and seafood).


We have 3 great locations in Ottawa. Please come in and enjoy the greast japanese style food. If you have no time, please give us a call and order a fresh, hearty take-out meal.